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Will technology change how and when we travel?


How do we prepare our transportation system for, and recover from, weather, environmental, economic, and operational disruptions?


How do we improve the state’s most strategic transportation systems?


What regional or local needs should we consider?

We want to hear from you! Below is information about state and interregional trends and resources to enhance your understanding about why trends at the state and interregional level matter in planning the future of transportation. We invite you to share your thoughts and ideas on these trends and how they will change transportation in the future using the red button below.

Why State and Interregional Trends Matter

Florida is a large, diverse, and growing state with many communities and regions. Florida’s transportation system links these regions together into a single state and connects Florida to markets around the nation and world. As our population continues to grow, our economy becomes more diverse, and our society becomes more connected 24/7, the demands on Florida’s transportation system will continue to evolve.






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