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Cross-Cutting Topics

Emerging Trends Document Updated

Florida continues to monitor emerging trends related to the cross cutting topics of Technology, Resilience, State & Interregional, and Regional & Local transportation. These updated trends help us understand the challenges and opportunities Florida will face.


Cross-Cutting Topics

The FTP’s goals impact quality of life and economic prosperity in Florida. Our goals for the FTP include:

  • Safety and security for residents, visitors, and businesses
  • Agile, resilient, and quality transportation infrastructure
  • Connected, efficient, and reliable mobility for people and freight
  • Transportation choices that improve accessibility and equity
  • Transportation solutions that strengthen Florida’s economy
  • Transportation systems that enhance Florida’s communities
  • Transportation solutions that enhance Florida’s environment

Over the course of the FTP update, we will focus on four topics that cut across all goals specifically considering details of emerging technology and resilience as well as more broadly the topics of state/interregional and regional/local. Preliminary feedback indicates these topics are important and of interest to many people. They will help us set objectives and strategies for the goals. We invite you to learn more about these topics by listening to podcasts, watching webinars, or reading articles in the links below.


Will technology change how and when we travel?


How do we prepare our transportation system for, and recover from, weather, environmental, economic, and operational disruptions?


How do we improve the state’s most strategic transportation systems?


What regional or local needs should we consider?