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Florida Transportation Plan (FTP)

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Florida Transportation Plan Overview

The Florida Transportation Plan (FTP) is the single overarching plan guiding Florida’s transportation future. Updated every five years, the FTP is a collaborative effort of state, regional, and local transportation partners in the public and private sectors.

The update of the FTP Policy and Performance Elements were recently completed and are now available for download and viewing.

Florida Transportation Plan Policy Element Updated in 2020

The FTP Policy Element describes objectives and strategies to guide transportation partners statewide in accomplishing the vision and goals.

Public Comment Period database

Florida Transportation Plan Performance Element Updated in 2020

The FTP Performance Element reports how our system performs on key measures of safety, asset condition, and mobility.

Florida Transportation Plan Vision Element Updated in 2020

The FTP Vision Element provides a longer-term view of major trends, uncertainties, opportunities, and desired outcomes shaping the future of Florida’s transportation system.

Florida Transportation Plan video